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Border's Line: The Moderator

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Saturday, August 16th, 2008
12:30 pm
Hello, this is the Headmistress again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but if at all possible, can all students planning on returning leave a comment here?
(I just want to be sure everyone got the alert the comm was starting again)

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Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
7:15 pm - Friends Add List
Paste the below names into HERE and you wont waste time or miss people

friend add deadly_pacifist
friend add yukino_diana
friend add shieun
friend add platinum_soul17
friend add fujino_onaplane 
friend add satsukitanaka

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6:55 pm - Notice from the Headmistress
There are two council members that are in charge of making sure no one from the Night Class eats the Day class, one night class member, and one day class member. (It is very much like Vampire Knights) Most importantly though, it gives some basis for friction and interaction between the characters. The only real 'job' that comes with that position is that the student is now in charge of making sure no one is where they shouldn't be during the switch over from day to night. They also will most likely be presented with minor problems from the other students and are expected to solve them as well as they can before passing them up to administration.

Posted everywhere on campus is a paper advertising the opening of the day class council position. For now the only Night class character, Rafia, will serve as the council member for the Night class. If there is a sudden influx of night class character though, she'll 'get lazy' and step down hosting another election for the position. To get elected as a council member all you really have to do is 'sign up' by commenting here, and the rest depends on the number of people interested.

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6:46 pm - Room Assignments
Day Dorms:

Room 112 - Yukino Kikukawa and  Kouzuki Kallen
Room 115 - Fujino Shizuru and...no one...yet
Room 131 -
Yoo Shi-Eun and Randy Valtimo

Night Dorm:
Room 335 - Rafia Stonemore and no one yet

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Tuesday, May 27th, 2008
10:01 pm - City Map
Here is where characters can create shops and towns for the use of Border's Line RPG. If you wish to do so, comment with the information shown on the example below.
Note: respectability and other measurements are done on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the best.

Tagette [city, respectability = 9, formality = 7]
Rasar [diner, city = Tagette, respectability = 7, formality = 5]
Shibuya [shopping outlet, city = Tagette, respectability = 6, formality = 4]

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9:27 pm - Rules!
This is merely the rp rules not the Roth Academy rules. For those, view the community profile under 'To the Students'

1. Godmodding or metagaming is forbidden and considered worthy of suspension. This means that unless they give you explicit permission, you can't control someone else's character, and if you're going to do something that directly affects a character other than your own, please ask the character in question first. Also, do remember that nobody is invincible, all right?

2. Be polite about disagreements you may have with other players; try to work it out with them privately but don't cause a huge ruckus.

3. Please try to stay active! Of course, we certainly hope you have other interests outside of school, but we'd still like it if you could find time to update your journals at least once or twice a week so that we know what you're up to.

4. Four characters per player for the time being. You can have less than four, of course, if you so desire, but no more. Existing members may eventually be granted additional characters beyond the limit on a case-by-case basis.

5. NC-17 materal, whether it's explicitly sexual or explicitly violent, is permitted but must be accompanied by a warning. And ALL logs must be under an lj-cut to avoid stretching the flist.

6. This RPG is obviously going to include yuri/femmeslash/shoujo-ai. If that's not your thing, well... I don't know if this is really the RPG for you.

7. In order to allow all players an opportunity to play characters from a series, please do not apply for more than two characters from the same fandom. It is good to share, after all.


ps. I think I borrowed these rules from another rp, so if you see something clever in them, it's not me  ^.^

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Monday, May 26th, 2008
6:20 pm - Complaints and Concerns
I check this at least every two days, so I will get to your message quite quickly
This section of course is screened so don't be afraid to post a concern or even a friendly comment.
~Lukain, Teh Mod

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5:55 pm - Posting Format
posting shall be in this format

Subject bar: your title
then on the post itself:

under the characters write who you are inviting to rp with, if you dont mind who, write open to all, if you want a specific person(s) write "closed to..."
and finally under the tags write the characters again separated by commas.

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5:14 pm - Applications
For your information all comments will be screened.


Livejournal: Your personal journal. This is mandatory, even if you do not normally use your livejournal.
AIM/MSN/Y!M: IM is not required, but highly advised.
Experience: Tell us about how much experience you have had with either roleplaying or writing as a whole. Don't worry if this is your first time; we're very open to first-timers!

Character Name:
Race: not everyone is human -so whatever you are, list it here.
Do you have any magic? You don't have to, but list anything that could fall into that category here

Class: Are you part of the Day Class or Night Class?
Year/Subject: Since this is a high school, what year are they? If you're applying as a teacher just list a subject instead

Why do you wish to play this character?:

History: Provide a general history for your character, describing their personality and background.
If you apply for a character that has been previously taken, you are allowed to take up the previous character's written history or you can write your own

Posting Writing Sample:

This should be written in third-person, past tense, and the minimum length should be about two paragraphs. The point of the writing sample is to show us how you plan to play your character, so try to write a scene where much of their personality can come out. This is the most important part of the application, so spend the most time on this. Also, word economy is important; while long applications are fine, make sure that everything in the application matters.

Journal Writing Sample:

This can be written in either first person present tense, or third person past tense. The idea of the journal is to explore the inner musings of your character and give insight into a character that doesn't usually spill their feelings or thoughts.  This part of the writing application is a little looser, it's more creative than being judged so have some fun with it!

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3:02 pm - Taken Characters:
If a character is taken, please don't apply for them, but if a character is on hold/applied for you may submit an application. It simply means you are competing for the spot with another person.

When you are requesting to be on the held list, please put the characters name and fandom/original char.

Taken characters:
Fujino Shizuru - Mai-HiME
Rafia Stonemore - Original character
Yukino Kikukawa - Mai-HiME
Yoo Shi-eun - Memento Mori
Randy Valtimo - Original Character
Kouzuki Kallen - Original Character

Held/Applied for Characters

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